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Mold on Marijuana: Why the Fuss?

Mold on Marijuana: Why the Fuss?

The cannabis industry endures numerous fiascoes on an annual basis.  The worst of these have been the instances in which moldy marijuana was inadvertently distributed, and on quite a large scale!...

Happy Holidays from 4CC!

Happy Holidays from 4CC!

Happy holidays to our loyal customers!  Thanks for your continued support. It allows us to continue working in a great environment where we get to help people on a daily basis. Don't miss out! The...

Black Friday and Beyond!

Black Friday and Beyond!

We hope you all enjoyed thanksgiving.  Hopefully everyone ate just a bit too much as well! We’ve recently released our BRAND NEW extra-strength formulas: the 2000 mg Coconut Citrus Tincture and...

Trick or Treat, Our Harvest is Complete!

Let us set the stage for you: It was a dark and stormy night… Actually, on second thought, it’s been pretty sunny and clear here in Durango, CO. You may have been expecting a spooky update, or even...

The Best CBD in Durango

Situated perfectly between the high desert and alpine mountains, the Durango area boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Not to mention boundless adventure! But where do curious...

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